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How to Network for Acting

Networking may be one of the most important skills to make it in this business. A lot of it really is “who you know”. You need to be a good actor, know the business, and have the right skills, but then you need to be seen by the right people. Networking is a pathway to success in the entertainment industry. Have you ever noticed how certain actors get cast over and over by the same directors, the same producers, the same casting agents? That’s because people like to work with other people they get along with and enjoy. But how do you meet the right people? Sometimes it is simply “being in the right place at the right time”, but more times than not, it’s about putting yourself in the right places at the right times… To do this you need to learn the art of networking for actors. We will teach you the do’s and dont’s of proper networking, from people who actually do it and have made careers by doing it. Sign up today and learn this elusive art.

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