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Finding an acting agent or manager can prove to be a difficult task for both a newcomer as well as an experienced actor, yet it is such a key component to building a successful acting career. An acting agent or manager can make or break your career. An agent or manager will help get you into auditions, handle the callbacks, and negotiate your acting contract. By joining the membership program, you will have access the in’s and out’s of finding an agent or manager, and how to nurture the relationship. Join today and gain access to the following:

  • Best practices for submitting to an agent or manager
  • Learn what the agent or manager looks for in talent
  • The representation meeting, and what to expect
  • The key components to acquire an agent or manager
  • Where to find all of the local agents and managers in your area
  • The insider secrets to getting repped
  • What tier of agent you should look for

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